Описание: Ambitious, big and expansive, corporate pop. Has a really positive, uplifting feel, easy to voice-over and gradually builds. Great for business presentations, company audio visuals, inspirational award ceremonies, ads etc. Features guitars, drum kit plus strings and horn section. Lighter mixes too

Описание: 70s Glam Rock Pop. Retro stomping rock underscore from the British early 1970s Glam Rock era when big silver platform boots and flamboyant costumes were all the rage. Features the classic 2 drum kits, dirty electric guitars and growling saxophones. Great for commercials and pop documentary. 60sec and 30sec full and underscore mixes

Описание: Поднимает настроение, ведомый и современного поп Симфония в стиле «считать, что. Имеет современный feelgood чувствовать. Твердые 4 этаж фортепиано и бас ритм, выходят на пышные строку раздела. Великий для радио и ТВ реклама очень актуальная, идеальный для добавления голос за кадром. Основные версии микс, 60 сек и 30 сек

Описание: Energetic, upbeat, Indie pop - ideal for the summer. Young, crazy and cool, so lively it will have your foot tapping. This track has real get up and go featuring electric guitars, catchy male vocal riff and big drums. Perfect for radio and television commercials, especially youth related products. 60sec and 30sec with or without vocal

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