Описание: Время и события ускорились, перемотки вперед. Занят быстрая пальцем взял акустическую гитару. 60 и 30 сек версии

Описание: Sparse power drone with clock ticking fx. Light atmospheric bass drone with sound design and fragmented drums accompany the relentless ticking and the passing of time. Perfect for Quiz shows, tense drama, film and radio and television commercials.

Описание: Fantasy and wonderment. A flourish of a harp as a fairy appears, followed by light, prancing, sparkly bells and soft strings as she waves her wand and casts her magic spells. Perfect for stage productions, pantomime and children's television programmes, plus creative radio and TV commercials. 60sec, 30sec and flourish

Описание: Dramatic building music cue. The camera zooms in from space flying over vast deep blue oceans, meeting huge crashing waves. Opens gently with a single note played by violins, gradually expanding with slow piano chords, then blooming into huge epic crescendos with swelling cymbal crashing waves.

Описание: Ритмично, пастырское, яркий, теплый и счастливым акустическая темы. Идеально подходит для природы, провести открытый, садоводства или даже телефон на. Prodvided в качестве основной темы и 60 и 30 сек версии

Описание: Cliche evil and bad. It's a biggie for the baddie - dangerous, dark and haunting, drama oozes from every note. Opens with a clap of thunder, followed by a cathedral organ, male choir and brass section. Perfect intro cue for the arched villain in comedy, children's pantomime, or Halloween, plus drama. 60sec and 60sec with and without fx

Описание: Slow, reflective and melancholic. Beautiful, heart warming and passionate reflection in to past times, as the years roll by. Tinged with sadness and regret of lost loves. Features piano and strings. Perfect for drama, documentary and commercials for elderly care, health related and services. Main, 60 and 30sec in full and underscore mixes

Описание: Sentimental and melodramatic solo violin. This well-known tune was written by Theodore Moses-Tobani in 1893 and originally called A New Flower Song. Often associated with over the top melodrama and parody, this dramatic cue is perfect for radio, TV, film and the theatre. Sweet and cloying. 60sec and 30sec

Описание: Исторический, веселый и живой 13 века Н.Э джиг или танец из Англии и Европе. Полный веселья и великолепие, круглые катушки, от периода крестовых походов. Особенности аутентичных инструментов, включая записи и цимбалы. Идеально подходит для периода драма, документальный, путевые заметки, Радио и телевизионных роликов. Главная, 60 сек и 30 сек версии

Описание: Красивый, спокойный, теплый и вдумчивый 30 сек коммерческих. Этот трек exudes качество, роскошь и шарм. Особенности классической нейлона гитара, акустическая гитара, струнных и перезвоны ветра marktree. Идеально подходит для высококачественной продукции или романтический Валентина подарки. 30 сек объявления, коммерческие или пятно.

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