Описание: A sad piano soundtrack with emotional melody evoking a sorrowful and melancholy feeling. The music will fit perfectly in intimate mournful film scenes, heartbreaking love moments or any type of theatrical and drama piece.

Описание: Emotional, airy and inspiring cinematic motivational piano piece, filled with magical dreams and passion. Perfect for inspirational slide shows, love, charity projects, soft happy commercials, advertisements, romantic movies and any projects that requires inspiring and beautiful background music.

Описание: Simple yet magical, this piano piece immediately transports the listener into a euphoric and contemplative space. The atmosphere throughout the piece remains positive and uplifting.

Описание: Atmospheric emotional slow piano soundscape with beautiful piano chords, smooth and deep synth pads. Sounds good for born of new world.

Описание: Setting up a relaxed, mellow, deep and tranquil atmosphere, Home Relaxation Piano has Chill and peaceful cinematic, emotional piano. Great for documentaries, commercials, adverts and advertising, home movies, time lapse background and more.

Описание: An exciting and slightly disturbing cinematic piano track. Sounds like a premonition of an imminent rain, like anxiety for a loved one.

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