Описание: Фильм suspence SFX отлично подходит для страшных сцен или предзнаменование ужаса.

Описание: A Kodak 4200 automatic carousel slide projector from the 1970’s in operation. Includes power on, slide selections of 2 - 3 second intervals, and power off. This is the sound of a classic AV machine.

Описание: Hard driving pop rock theme with a lot of energetic enthusiasm. A full rock ensemble with electric guitar and bass, lead guitar melody, and drum kit. It includes a whammy bar and drum solo crescendo ending. 152 bpm

Описание: This is a calm and mysterious underscore with meditation bells wind chimes, distant flute, string texture and choir chant. It is in solfeggio tuning and utilizes the C 528hz, G 396hz, and, G sharp 417hz notes. These special frequencies will impart heightened awareness and a felling of well being to the listener. A one minute power meditation or a hypnotic underscore. 60 beats per minute

Описание: Please enjoy the relaxation and warm textures, Tibet transcendental meditation bells, singing bowl, spiritual choir, wind chimes, and dynamic metaphysical feelings. This piece has a meditative airy space with calming serene gentle lows and dynamic uplifting spirited highs that give psychological renewal and a calm inner peace. This ambient music sound scape is a great companion for positive thinking, voice overs, poetry, meditation, reiki, yoga, or spa therapy.

Описание: This is an upbeat and energetic that's a traditional English Christmas carol song. Here it is presented in a joyful and uplifting orchestral ensemble with piano, flute, harp, oboe, and strings. This would make a wonderful addition to any holiday theme project of Christmas music mix.

Описание: This is one minute of a solfeggio tone frequency. There are six of these special frequencies and these specific tones are scientifically believed to be beneficial to the body and the mind for positive feelings and thinking. This is the C 528hz which consists of 2 octaves of a swirling fluid ambient pad, another octave with choir chant, and meditation bells. It has a positive effect that will resonate physically and subliminally uplift the listeners attitude and feeling of well being. 60bpm Can be looped.

Описание: Плоский кусок пружинной стали, вибрирующих металлических упору.

Описание: Плоский кусок пружинной стали, вибрирующих против кусок фанеры.

Описание: Небольшой электронный переключатель на батарейках фонарик.

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