Описание: Industrial 40 seconds track, good for TV and Radio commercials. Driving,Electronic,Experimental.

Описание: Urban, Experimental Music suitable for Television Series and Commercials

Описание: Super weird experimental concoction of guitars caught in a dream cycle destined to be a soundtrack for a psychological thriller of some sort, originally from the land of la.

Описание: Experimental music track featuring synth pads, bass and drums. The piece will create positive inspiring mood for your youtube video, podcast, mobile application, video mapping.

Описание: A great combination of inspiring, light, mystery delay guitar and powerful, confident metal. Music loop Illustrates constant movement of life and energy: white becomes black, good becomes evil, calm becomes rapid ... Suited for marketing, video, video game, trailer, intro, background and logo.

Описание: Energetic loop with overdrive guitar, drums, heroic motive in the background. Perfect for use in extreme movie, energetic transitions, hard sport videos, vimeo background, speed race, haunting, cinema, war games and more.

Описание: Dark, intense, energetic and groovy background loop in an aggressive metal style. You can apply for illustrating the action scenes, horror films, video production, energetic transitions, extreme sports movie and other projects in need of a modern and powerful sound.

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