Описание: Very energetic, inspirational metal loop: action drum, overdrive guitar and epic solo. Good use for sports video, action scenes and battles, motivational presentations and any projects needing a strong emotional mood.

Описание: Inspires and motivates a metal loop for background. Heavy guitar riff and epic solo. Action, video games, adventure, motivate and inspire movie, sport, podcast.

Описание: Inspiring and motivating style metal loop. Powerful and energetic guitar riff, epic and inspiring guitar solo. Good for action scenes, sports video, modern motivational and business presentations, animation, video production, transitions and screen savers.

Описание: Are you looking for energetic music to illustrate your YouTube videos, action game or other motion project? Then be sure you have found one! This metal music pattern sounds so attractive and active, that it can perfectly serve as game or background presentation as well. Any transition, montage or even game accompanied by this groovy music tends to become unforgettable and worshipped! Be sure!

Описание: The rhythmic and melodic loop . Groovy and overdrive guitar, intense and epic guitar solo, inspirational vibe. Good use for action game, epic scenes, energetic transition, modern motivation movie and other great contemporary projects.

Описание: This is a highly motivational and epic loop, perfect for your ad, commercial, product or service presentation, as well as for movies, logo, transition or Youtube films, action and epic scenes, game,sport video. Enthusiastic and powerful sound.

Описание: Very energetic metal music track that really fills you with energy. Exciting powerful piece can be used as a background for video about summer or winter extreme sports, rally, drift, fighting. Drums, guitar, synthesizer make you feel adrenaline rush.

Описание: Alternative/nu metal composition with powerful riff. This track is perfect for action, race, fight scenes and more.

Описание: Modern, powerful and groovy metal loop. Perfect for action game, sport movie, fight scenes, background, video games, advertising, video games, films, dynamic videos and more.

Описание: Very energetic, intense and groovy metal loop. Good use for sports video, action scenes and battles, motivational presentations, films, YouTube, podcast, advertising, and any projects needing a strong emotional mood.

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