Описание: A thoughtful, gentle and breezy acoustic track featuring acoustic guitar and piano. This track is very warm, personable and inviting and stays out of the way of an announcer while still creating a wonderful vibe. Great for commercials, videos, presentations, websites, slide shows, and more.

Описание: Happy, fun and breezy, positive and motivational pop rock featuring upbeat electric guitar, uplifting bass and energetic drums. Emotive and carefree tune that create inspirational and feel-good mood. Will be good for: marriage, business, commercials, corporate, adventure, lifestyle, progress, vacation and weddings.

Описание: Calm and dreamy, hopeful, earthy piano music featuring epic drums, acoustic piano and light percussion. Bright and carefree acoustic sound that create a festive, feel-good mood. Will be good for: nature videos, commercials, ecology events, media, promotion videos.

Описание: An emotive acoustic guitar piece that lives up to its title. This instrumental would fit perfectly in an emotive situation in film, short movies, etc. Recorded on classical acoustic guitar.

Описание: A beautiful, sincere, light hearted and emotional music that is romantic yet light and breezy, cheerful yet heartfelt, sentimental and at the same time uplifting. This music describe the tender moments and love memories. Perfect choice for wedding or light hearted videos

Описание: Sad and heartbroken hip hop instrumental beats. Good for vocals or emotional projects. Classic, hip hop based song with old school piano and modern synths.

Описание: This track is filled with romantic mood and feelings of love. the track is perfect for the video for your love stories, experiences and good memories. Promptness of pianos, violins, guitars perfectly convey the romantic mood of the track. in the zip you will find the track and loops in the best quality. Thank you for your purchase. Listen and buy to my other tracks.

Описание: An inspiring and kind background track perfect for any volunteers, world work projects. Instruments features electric guitar (mute and open), electric bass guitar, strings and piano.