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Description: NOTE: This instrumental begins with about 25 seconds of reversed music before proceeding. This acoustic instrumental incorporates several elements, moods and dynamics within it making it useful for several applications. It's experimental in the sense that the rhythm has unique changes and the instrumentation includes lesser-known instrumentation including the melodica.
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  • Track Number: 1368624
  • Загружен: 07/26/2016
  • Проигрывания: 339
  • Избранные: 1
  • Загрузки: 1
Cue Sheet Info
  • Writer: Zack David
  • Writer PRO: ASCAP (U.S.)
  • % Share: 100%


Film, Movie, Percussion, Soundtrack, Unique, acoustic guitar, americana, contemplative, cry, crying, discovery, down, dramatic, dreamy, driving, epic, ethereal, experiment, experimental, folk, folk music, folksong, folksy, instrumental, longing, magical, meditative, melancholic, melancholy, mellow, melodica, mournful, mystical, nature, offbeat, overcome, passionate, peaceful, powerful, reflective, running, sad, searching, sentimental, sincere, sorrow, sweet, tension, the end, travel

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