Описание: Modern, powerful and groovy metal loop. Perfect for use in extreme movie, energetic transitions, hard sport videos, vimeo background, logo, podcasts and more.

Описание: High speed, groovy guitar, action drums and enrgetic, confident vibe. Good for action backgrounds, energetic transition, driving scenes, extreme and sport movie, modern advert, films, race game, video games, promo.

Описание: Energetic Metal loop with distortion riffs, action drums and attractive solo in an aggressive and dark style. Modern sound to illustrate the action scenes , games, videos, fight or energetic transition.

Описание: The energetic modern metal loop! High speed and powerful energy. Overdrive guitar, action energetic drums. Perfect for scenes of chase or persecution, promo video, YouTube video, games, action, modern advertising.

Описание: Powerfull and intense metal intro loop. Good for action games and movie,sport video, extreme movie, transition, race games, video games, gameplay, intro, background and more.

Описание: Inspiring, triumphant and prideful alternative rock background music. This track create feel of man’s dignity and strength, courage and bravery, cold and confident mind. Overdrive guitar playing calm chords and measured bass with distorted drums creates feel of confidence and intelligent power.

Описание: Violent and aggressive theme with distorted guitars. Strong and powerful action background track. Useful for extreme and epic stuff (sports, cars, etc.).

Описание: Metal background loop with distortion, overdrive guitar riff. Good for action and war game, movies, sport video, cinematic trailer, extreme, energetic transitions, battle, car chases.

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