Browse the category tree, finding sub-categories

Browse the category tree, finding sub-categories



This method required authentication with read permission.


  • CategoryID (Optional) - The category ID to fetch a list of sub-categories for. If not specified, it defaults to null, the root of the category tree.
  • Page (Optional) - The page of results to return. If this argument is omitted, it defaults to 1.
  • PerPage (Optional) - Number of items to return per page. If this argument is omitted, it defaults to 10.
    The maximum allowed value is 50.
  • Format (Optional) - Format of the response. Allowed values is xml, json or rss, it defaults to xml.

Example query

  • GET /api/1.1/categories/browse/?CategoryID=92&PerPage=5&Format=xml
  • Host:
  • Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2009 23:45:45 +0030
  • Authorization: AUDIOMICRO 0PN5X16HBGZHT7JJ3X82:SF7y/ZXX8aSX5KnRjKnuOlP7S2k=

Example response

<result name="response" numFound="840" start="0"/>
   <str name="categoryName">.Jazz</str>
   <int name="categoryId">92</int>
   <int name="trackCount">840</int>
   <str name="categoryName">JazzPop Light Jazz</str>
   <int name="categoryId">98</int>
   <int name="trackCount">210</int>
   <str name="categoryName">Fusion</str>
   <int name="categoryId">97</int>
   <int name="trackCount">78</int>
   <str name="categoryName">20s-40s</str>
   <int name="categoryId">93</int>
   <int name="trackCount">51</int>
   <str name="categoryName">Modern Jazz</str>
   <int name="categoryId">101</int>
   <int name="trackCount">43</int>

Error codes

  1. ValueError Error validating input parameters
  2. AuthenticationError Invalid AccessKeyID or invalid SecretAccessKey or Expired out of date
  3. NoSuchPage Invalid page number
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