Search through categories and get the list of tracks

Search through categories and get the list of tracks


Getting the list of tracks inside the category.


This method required authentication with read permission.


  • Q (Required) - The search query in Solr format. Available keywords are:
  • categoryID - a category ID
  • intervalLength - interval length. Supported intervals is <1M, 1-2M, 3-4M, 4+M
  • downloadCountFrom - minimum count of track downloads
  • downloadCountTo - maximum count of track downloads
  • fileType - media type of original file. Supported types is mp3, wav or aiff
  • format - music or soundFx
  • tags - name of tag
  • artist - name of artist
  • type - free or paid (paid by default)
  • Page (Optional) - The page of results to return. If this argument is omitted, it defaults to 1.
  • PerPage (Optional) - Number of items to return per page. If this argument is omitted, it defaults to 10.
    The maximum allowed value is 50.
  • Format (Optional) - Format of the response. Allowed values is xml, json or rss, it defaults to xml.

Example query

  • GET /api/1.1/tracks/search/?Q=%28categoryID%3A173+AND+intervalLength%3A%221M-2M%22%29
  • Host:
  • Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2009 23:45:45 +0030
  • Authorization: AUDIOMICRO 0PN5X16HBGZHT7JJ3X82:SF7y/ZXX8aSX5KnRjKnuOlP7S2k=

Example response

<result name="response" numFound="22" start="21">
    <str name="bitRate">128,000</str>
    <arr name="category">
        <str>Pop Rock</str>
    <str name="details">a mid-tempo acoustic guitar and piano tune with full band
    a la sheryl crow or jack Johnson</str>
    <str name="fileNameOnly">48e3b4b259387</str>
    <str name="fileType">mp3</str>
    <int name="fileidfileID">26033</int>
    <str name="intervalLength">1-2M</str>
    <int name="lengthSeconds">195</int>
    <int name="downloadCount">54</int>
    <str name="metaAlbumName">GreenWire Music and Audio</str>
    <str name="metaArtistName">greenwiremusic</str>
    <str name="metaTitle">Homecoming</str>
    <str name="refreshRateKHz">48000</str>
    <str name="tags">warm, happy, acoustic</str>
    <str name="topCategory">music</str>
    <int name="categoryID">173</int>
    <int name="filesize">5.4MB</int>
    <str name="trackLength">3:15</str>
    <str name="uploadDate">2008-10-01 12:34:42.0</str>
    <str name="bitRate">320000</str>
    <arr name="category">
        <str>Pop Rock</str>
    <str name="details">melodic, catchy acoustic guitar based tune.</str>
    <str name="fileNameOnly">493ddd710f488</str>
    <str name="fileType">mp3</str>
    <int name="fileiIdD">33814</int>
    <str name="intervalLength">1-2M</str>
    <int name="lengthSeconds">99</int>
    <int name="downloadCount">54</int>
    <str name="metaAlbumName"/>
    <str name="metaArtistName">davidhayes</str>
    <str name="metaTitle">Without You D</str>
    <str name="refreshRateKHz">44100</str>
    <str name="tags">acoustic guitar, melodic, hooky</str>
    <str name="topCategory">music</str>
    <int name="categoryID">173</int>
    <str name="trackLength">1:39</str>
    <str name="uploadDate">2008-12-08 21:52:33.0</str>

Error codes

  1. ValueError Error validating input parameters
  2. AuthenticationError Invalid AccessKeyID or invalid SecretAccessKey or Expired out of date
  3. NoSuchPage Invalid page number
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